[quote style=”1″]ethically sourced leaves us with a better taste[/quote]



We work hard to constantly source our raw materials from ethical and sustainable resources and also support our local & British businesses in the process.

Our fresh Cod & Haddock are traceable back to the actual Scottish Trawlers that set out from Peterhead & Fraseburgh to Norwegian waters to make their catch within safe and sustainable quotas. It is then filleted at Wilsea Ltd who work closely with skippers in the Responsible Fishing Scheme, ensuring it’s sustainability. Within as little as 48 hours the fish can reach THE big FISH and your plate, ensuring that it is still fresh and full of flavour, white and flakey and no threat to the earths ecology.

Our Potatoes are either, Challenger, Maris Piper or Markies and are sourced from farms in Worcestershire and Lincolnshire and delivered to us up to 6 days a week. They are Freshly peeled and chipped ensuring they maintain their flavour and texture. We communicate daily with our supplier who selects the best of each harvest, ensuring we maintain a consistent high quality.

Our preferred frying medium is a healthier Non-Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil which is NEODA compliant, it is replenished and filtered on a daily basis to maintain a fresh taste.  Once discarded it is picked up and recycled into bio fuel.