There is supporting evidence to prove that Fish & Chips is more nutritional and healthier out of all of the top four fast foods.

Weight for weight, it contains less fat per 100gm and fewer calories but more nutrition as it is produced from raw materials that are not processed before they are cooked. Chips are freshly cut, fish is un tampered with and simply coated in batter. It is prepared and cooked freshly on the premises as opposed to being prepared elsewhere and re heated as are many other fast foods.

White Fish such as Cod & Haddock is high in protein and B vitamins and should feature at least twice a week in a healthy balanced diet. Our thickly cut chips are a source of fibre, carbohydrates and vitamin C and also a vital part in a healthy balanced diet. Oily fish such as Mackerel contains Omega 3 which is excellent nutrition for a healthy mind, eyes, hair and skin.