Founded in 1997 by Marina Angelides, the journey from the first store in Rugby to the present in Stratford-upon-Avon has been far from an easy run. Marina’s belief her dream of an award winning store worthy of multi national status maintained her determination to persevere often when many would have given up.

With a background in Graphics & Digital Design, Marina was able to look at the industry objectively and re-invent many aspects with her creativity whilst maintaining its traditional core which she inherited from her father Harry Angelides who has been frying fish and chips for over 50 years. The result is a fresh and new approach combining the best of both worlds.

Marinas keen interest in healthy living also comes through into her menu that has unique creations that she has developed offering healthier choices for the growing market of health conscious customers. Aware that there are many people who would otherwise avoid a fish & chip establishment despite research and evidence that fish & chips is one of the most healthiest of the fast foods and lowest in calories, it became a mission for THE big FISH to creatively extend its fish menu to appeal to a wider and more health conscious market.