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Having to live up to our name, it comes as no great surprise that our menu is big on fish as well as our portion sizes. Not only do we offer great quality and fresh fillets of Cod & Haddock, we also offer Plaice, Sea Bass, Lemon Sole, Mackerell, Calamari, Butterfly Prawns, Blancbait, Haddock Goujons, Wholetail Scampi, Cod Roe & our own Homemade Fishcakes.

We cook most of our fish to order except for really busy times when we have to cook in large quanities due to demand.

Most of our fish can be cooked in either our light golden batter or gluten free batter or for those who prefer a different taste we have our fish 'supreme' coating of a blend of southern fried and crumb coating.


We work hard to constantly source our raw materials from ethical and sustainable resources and also support our local & British businesses in the process.

Our fresh Cod & Haddock are traceable back to the actual Scottish Trawlers that set out from Peterhead & Fraseburgh to Norwegian waters to make their catch within safe and sustainable quotas. It is then filleted at Wilsea Ltd who work closely with skippers in the Responsible Fishing Scheme, ensuring it's sustainability. Within as little as 48 hours the fish can reach THE big FISH and your plate, ensuring that it is still fresh and full of flavour, white and flakey and no threat to the earths ecology.

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